19 July 2007

greedy cabrini ceo stephen wright one arrogant s.o.b.

we've been watching the ongoing psyop operation being waged against the citizens of alexandria, la. by st. francis cabrini hospital, the alexandria mayoral administration and city council and the complicit, corporate controlled local media.

those of you who are paying attention to this pathetic attempt by cabrini hospital to have their way with alexandria might remember how on tuesday night mayor roy and economic director hess jointly made the announcement [video] that eureka! (perhaps shazam is a more appropriate word to use since mr. hess' epiphany came to him at around three o'clock in the morning) cabrini didnt need to pave over the city's youth ball park after all -- the city could give them a portion of prescott road instead.

ever since this saga began back in may, the media has portrayed it as a done deal. whatever cabrini wants, then the city has no choice but to give in to them because of economic development and because alexandria should have the finest medical facilities which in turn will attract even more (ill) visitors and more importantly their money.

the hell with healthy children who need a place to play together. we also find it odd that no one has figured it out yet that despite all these so called medical advancements in the end we are all going to die, yet impressionable children, the future of our society, are only children together once.

why hasnt anyone in alexandria found it puzzling and more than a bit suspicious (since common sense would tell you that this is an integral newsworthy part of the story) is that no one in the local mainstream media has bothered to look up and report or explain to the citizens the various statutes that the city would have to operate under to make such a transfer legal. neither the city nor the media want you to know what laws they will be operating under because then you will know how to fight it.

after mayor roy's announcement tuesday night -- on wednesday the town talk printed a story they captioned "cabrini may expand without buying parks" the lead line in this journalistic fraud is "Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital can expand without paving over children's play areas, Alexandria officials said Tuesday." the truth is that cabrini could never just up and expand by paving over the youth ball complex. you see how they are trying to brainwash you? another line of the story while perhaps not untrue is certainly misleading: "Hess outlined a plan to expand the hospital along Prescott Street, instead of across Texas Avenue in the Alexandria Youth Complex." what the city and the town talk is saying is that since we're giving cabrini something lets give them a portion of prescott road instead. how nice of the city! apparently the city leaders havent ever heard of the word no. that or they are more than willing and will, whore themselves out to corporate interests instead of the best interests of the citizens who make up the city to start with!

on wednesday evening kalb broadcasted a story in which they interviewed a lady named monica stafford. on the broadcast version (right before the cabrini commercial) ms. stafford said words to the effect that when people come together they can stop things such as cabrini's attempt to take over the youth ball complex -- however on the version posted to kalb online this portion of ms. stafford's comments is mysteriously edited out. lord forbid that reasonable black and white people finally figure out that they pretty much believe in the same things. cant have that now can we?

"residents relieved over expansion proposal"
kalb edited out an important comment by ms. monica stafford
kalb video link
kalb also plays the brainwash game with such stories as "city ballpark on masonic to be spared" more propaganda designed to reinforce the erroneous notion that the cabrini's take over of the city's ball park or something else is inevitable.

then today, as if right on cue, the town talk prints a story based off the press release of cabrini ceo stephen wright saying whoa! hold on, not so fast. see "cabrini officials cautious about city's rec plans."

this whole roller-coaster exercise, right from the start, has been designed to break alexandrian's will and spirit by in part, totally exhausting alexandrians emotionally.

dont fall for the hype and the bullshit. dont give cabrini a damn thing!
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