25 July 2007

mayor roy: anti taxers not dumbasses after all

alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy was quoted in a sunday 22 july 2007 alexandria daily town talk as saying

"I'm thankful for the people that passed both taxes-it shows smart people are here in Alexandria and ready for a change,"
a local blogger who did not support the city's sales and property tax renewals took umbrage at mayor roy's remark interpreting it to mean that the mayor meant that whoever didnt support the tax renewals was a "dumbass" see central la politics here.

in today's town talk your mail section (see link) mayor roy wrote in to clarify his remarks. the tax election was on saturday 21 july 2007 and mayor roy must have written his your mail letter on sunday evening, or sometime on monday or tuesday. this is all fine and dandy, however, we find it a little curious that mayor roy can compose and send in a rather wordy your mail, yet here we are 233 days into the roy administration [video] and still no mayoral welcome letter on the city's website: "Coming soon a letter from Mayor Jacques Roy."
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