02 July 2007

more dead pelican dirty tricks

we couldnt help but notice how the dead pelican is trying to stir up some nonsense over a walter boasso for governor campaign commercial. if you click the link you will see a "big news story" over there called "WALT'S WATCH: PRICEY TIME PIECE COULD STIR CONTROVERSY."

the dead pelican has a screen grab of a frame from one of senator boasso's commercials in which the dead pelican alleges that this "pricey time piece" costs around $10,000 [7,432 eur] and so the dead pelican asks through one of those mysterious "puzzled sources" "How can a guy who wears an expensive watch relate to 'the little guy?'"

first thing you have to understand is that the dead pelican is a shameless piyush shill and one thing you cant miss is the great big ol piyush for governor banner ad they are running at the top of their website. so the dead pelican is taking piyush's money while at the same time really, really reaching to write some kind of boasso hit piece. for all we know piyush's people wrote and gave the dead pelican the story to post (for a small fee of coz.)

another thing that makes us wonder... is if the dead pelican or its source can tell that this is a ten thousand dollar watch -- then why cant they tell us what brand it is so we can check for ourselves? another thing is that for all you and the rest of us know: senator boasso's employees could have all chipped in and gave him the watch for his birthday or christmas or some such. this is a typical republican, no facts required, rovian divide and conquer strategery. its based on creating a negative emotional response like jealousy and classism and even racism. so dont be a sucker!

this isnt the first time that the dead pelican has resorted to fuzzy journalism and its funny cos it reminds us of another dead pelican post from a few days ago:

back on 11 june 2007 the dead pelican had a piyush post....

and we took a screen grab and posted about it here. you might notice that the time that we took the screen grab is encoded into the file name: www.thedeadpelican.com_1217pmcdt_11june2007.jpg there was also a page within the dead pelican that chad used that picture on as well....

a couple of hours later, or around 7:30 pm, chad from over at the dead pelican came onto our site to scope us out:

(we redacted your ip number chad so calm down, sit back and take your medicine....)

so like we said chad shows up around 7:30 pm that night and read what we wrote about that post and the um less flattering piyush picture he ran, so what does he do? he immediately changes the picture on his website...

like we said chad used the same piyush the drowned rat picture shown in our dead pelican screen grab above on the below page the dead pelican linked to the story video from and shazam! its changed as well:

one small problem...chad uses a more flattering piyush picture from a totally unrelated story. the picture that chad used to replace the less flattering piyush picture came out of the alexandria daily town talk from when piyush was in town to speak at the veterans cemetery on memorial day lol.

so once again dont be a sucker! the dead pelican is an adequate news aggregator but it has an agenda and you should know and understand that its a total propaganda tool of the republican party.
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