17 July 2007

mayor roy announces 'cabrini deal'

alexandria, la. youth ball park complex
texas avenue, prescott road and cabrini avenue via maps.google.com

mayor roy announces a new deal with cabrini hospital which does not involve "one inch" of the cities hallowed youth ball complex - instead, according to mr. hess the city will give cabrini -- "as what was done with rapides (hospital) that we could be able just to vacate prescott (road) or a portion of it i should say from texas (avenue) to cabrini avenue right on the other side of the existing parking garage..."

length 10m24s
absence of audio for first 1m25s is due to the city having the sound off..
link to video at google video
see central la politics blog
the carrot & the stick approach
Well the ballparks have been saved from Cabrini Hospital, all we will have to give up now is our portion of Prescott Street. This was announced at tonight's Alexandria City Council meeting....
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