14 July 2007

piyush scrubs david vitter from his website

thanks again to the daily kingfish blog for bringing to light this latest example of the ongoing piyush scam. we've been saying for months now that piyush "bobby" jindal is nothing more than a fast talking bullshit artist...a flim-flam and con-artist who, if he wasnt a politician would be ripping your parents, grandparents and your old maid aunt off in some stock or real estate scam.

in case you might have missed it david vitter is the junior senator from louisiana. it came out earlier this week that he has been patronizing prostitutes in washington, dc and new orleans. so what does piyush do? piyush immediately moves to scrub senator vitter's endorsement letter and all mention of his (we guess former) friend, mentor and fellow member of the subversive rhodes scholars from his website.

piyush has no problem whatsoever in dumping those people who are no longer useful to him but that shouldnt be any surprise to you now should it? after all piyush has shown that he will not hesitate to shit-can the constitution and bill of rights as shown by his votes for unconstitutional and anti-christ legislation such as the usa patriot act, the real id act, the military commissions act and on and on.

do you really think that piyush will hesitate even for a split second in throwing you and your god given rights out the window if it suits him or his masters?

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04 july 2007 google cache of piyush's website announcing david vitters endorsement. the headline reads: "honored to have senator david vitter's support!" the last line reads "To read the letter from David, click here." this part of the page has now been scrubbed.

the hyper-link (http://www.bobbyjindal.com/pressrelease.php?ID=0000019614) embedded in the words "click here" now goes to a 404 page:

for even more screen grabs and documentation be sure and click the link and read the article from the daily kingfish.
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