11 July 2007

latest on city of pineville, la. email & public records scam

central la politics blog has posted a copy (see link) of the letter the city of pineville, louisiana's attorney sent them yesterday.

to us, whats most disturbing is that the city of pineville and their attorney(s) appear to have a total disregard for both the letter and the spirit of louisiana's open public records law. in a move thats more reminiscent of a mafia or organized crime ring attempt to skirt the law the city of pineville through their mouthpiece breaks down emails into two (unlawful?) categories:

1. emails that do not require review and comment by the city attorney

2. emails that require review and comment by the city attorney.

nowhere in the public records laws does it state that public records which include emails have to have a review of and comment by a city attorney. why does the city attorney feel that they have to comment on some emails and not other emails? does pineville's attorney think that people are too stupid to read an email and not know what it is saying? the more likely reason is that something shady is going on and they feel that they have to try and somehow explain it all away. that, plus they get to charge a big legal fee which would make public records cost prohibitive to a regular citizen.

what is the city of pineville, louisiana hiding that they would even attempt to display such a brazen contempt for the law?

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