19 July 2007

ksyl jacques roy interview

alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy was on ksyl am 970 radio this morning. issues the mayor discussed included saturday's sales and property tax renewal election, the cities ongoing utility bill crisis -- a caller "mike the milkman" wanted to know why the city cant put up some windmills around town to help out with electricity costs. mayor roy responded that

"we need to diversify the mixture that makes up our fuel costs, if there is wind energy opportunities; hydro, iam really more thinking solid fuels, i think of coal, petroleum, coke catalyst, petcoke they call it, those kinds of things are i think where we need to be going. i think cleco is going there if we get our things worked out with them and thats part of our plan, iam confident those things are going to happen, we're gonna see a less dependent alexandria on natural gas and thats where we need to go."
click the link to listen to the .mp3 or go to ksyl.com and navigate to the interview.
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