13 July 2007

daily kingfish takes neil 'b.s.' kavanagh & the northside journal to task

the northside journal is nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece for certain pseudo-republican political factions, fake christians, (crime) families and their democratic lackies on the north side of the red river, rapides parish, louisiana. we cite the out and out lies they have printed about the city of pineville email and public records scandal as all the proof we need to arrive at that conclusion.

theres also the matter of a recent (12 june 2007) editorial in which the editor compares state senator and gubernatorial candidate walter boasso to the cartoon character yogi bear. the northside journal's editor was irate because of a political commercial senator boasso had released in which he correctly portrayed the alleged front runner piyush "bobby" jindal as a two dimensional piece of cardboard. if the northside journal's editor neil kavanagh spent more time watching c-span than the cartoon network then he would know that senator boasso's assertion is the correct one.

however, truth is nothing to todays republicans. remember it was according to ron suskind "a senior adviser to bush" who told him "...when we act, we create our own reality. and while you're studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again, creating other new realities..." mr. kavanagh is merely another example of what the late great sherman skolnick called a press whore and a press faker, who thinks hes running some modern day version of der angriff. instead of doing what an honest journalist (or someone who actually loved america) would do which would be investigating and reporting just what exactly they are voting for and condemning david vitter, piyush "bobby" jindal, rodney alexander, jim mccrery, richard hugh baker, charles boustany, george dubya bush and all the rest of these traitors (including democrats) to the constitution and bill of rights mr. kavanagh and his ilk cheer them on and try to trick their readers with yogi bear cartoons and the like as they destroy this country and everything it (used) to stand for.

so its always interesting to find out that someone that you dont even know has a similar analysis:

daily kingfish snip:
One of the most egregious commentaries on the Vitter scandal is offered by Neil Kavanagh, the one man operation behind The Northside Journal. Kavanagh, falling in step with Lee Fletcher, also seems to believe this is simply an old news story conveniently recycled to embarrass Vitter because of his stance on immigration reform. This, claims Kavanagh, is nothing more than political payback for standing up against, of all people, President Bush AND Ted Kennedy.

Kavanagh is right about one thing, though: This isn't the first time Vitter's been accused of adultery. However, Kavanagh takes the position that we should have already known about Vitter's predilection for prostitutes and that because Vitter's been accused of extramarital affairs in the past, he doesn't need to explain anything to the people of Louisiana. And ironically, despite the fact Vitter has now demonstrated that he is not the man of principles and morals he claimed to be, Kavanagh writes:


Kavanagh's inconsistencies are abundant. It is almost as if he refuses to believe in Vitter's admission. One would imagine the "conservative principles" admired by Kavanagh would be grounded in a moral code. It's a hypocritical argument: It doesn't matter whether or not Vitter lives by these so-called conservative principles. As long as he continues to vote the way Kavanagh sees fit, his actions outside of the Senate Chambers are irrelevant.
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