20 July 2007

vote no to taxes & rein in the city counsel

although the number of reasons for alexandrian's to reject tomorrows sales and property tax renewals is myriad, perhaps the most glaring reason is the city counsels recent decision to censor your right to know regarding the city counsel's rather blatant coverup of the 12 june 2007 special city counsel meeting.

as far as all of the boo hoo hoo stories in the media lately where they are trying to play on your fears of decreased police protection if the taxes fail -- well katrina taught us that the government cannot and will not protect you anyway. in fact the police was going around taking the honest law abiding citizens guns while the looters roamed free. would you rather have a dozen honest cops or a hundred crooked cops?

why should you continue to finance city counsel chicanery off the sweat of your brow? vote no to any and all taxes.

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