20 July 2007

video gubernatorial candidate john georges

length 7:00 minutes
click link for video via kalb.com
all in all not a bad interview. mr. georges is a new orleans area businessman who owns imperial trading company. mr. georges says that more and more business people are getting involved in politics and that he thinks that everyone is looking for a new face. mr. georges says that he was on the louisiana board of regents and voted to make lsua a four year institution. when asked why he would run against piyush "bobby" jindal and how he is different to the piyush scam, mr. georges replied: "i'am a businessman he (piyush) is a career politician."

one thing we find a bit um unusual is that mr. georges mentions that his sons name is "nike" now who names their kid after a tennis shoe? or alternatively a greek god? note: mr. georges website mentions that he is a member of a greek orthodox church, so maybe that has something to do with it.

one thing we find a bit simplistic is when mr. georges compares rebuilding one church and school in a couple of months to the states multi year inability to bring back louisiana's hurricane devastated region -- mr. georges says:
"recently i was president of my church for a couple of years it happened to be the years of the storm and our church had four feet [1.2 meter] of water and we were able to get the church open by christmas. if i can open my church by christmas in three or four months and our school which is a private school that i serve on the board of they asked me to raise the money for the rebuilding of the school and cover the losses we had we were able to open that school in november so if we were able to open churches and schools and businesses where was our government to open the public schools and get people back here?"
in about 1978 rock guitarist peter frampton was involved in a near fatal automobile accident in the bahamas. mr. georges apparently was one of the first people who happened by the scene and is credited by mr. frampton with saving his life. mr. georges says that they didnt meet again for about twenty years and have now become good friends and that if mr. georges wins, mr. frampton will play a concert.

john georges is a republican candidate for governor. his website is