04 July 2007

is the town talk's tom bonnette a useful idiot?

town talk reporter tom bonnette's piece on yesterday's alexandria, la city council meeting "Alexandria Council approves funds for unnamed office positions" is a pretty decent story until the very end when he yet again is seen promoting kalb's heavily edited three clip version of the banned 12 june 2007 alexandria, la. special city council meeting.

the town talks' and mr. bonnette's promotion of kalb's heavily edited clips in the newspaper is inexplicable and inexcusable. especially, when a town talk editor, cynthia jardon, linked to the complete copy of the video from her personal blog back on 21 june 2007. see "we just need to know why?" so mr. bonnette and his editor certainly know of the existence of the complete version's existence. so why promote kalb's or any very heavily edited version? it doesnt make any sense whatsoever.

its not that we want a mention, credit or a link from the town talk thats not it at all. the fact is that this video is a public domain video and anyone is free (and encouraged) to download a copy from google video or submit a public records request (which is how we obtained the copy to begin with) the town talk or kalb could even download a copy and post it themselves with credit to no one and that would be perfectly fine. our only interest is in the public knowing about the existence of the complete version.

we see from the video's stats that so far 21 people have downloaded it.

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here on this fourth of july holiday we remind the town talk, kalb, klax, ksyl etc that its time to get off your collective asses and start reporting the complete news and not what you in your hubris think that "we the people" need to or are deserving to know.

little by little central louisiana's internet community is becoming increasingly aware of your "news"scam.