05 July 2007

everett hobbs letter to the editor

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has alexandria, la. city council president everett hobbs lost his mind? in this letter to the editor of the alexandria daily town talk, amongst other things, he shamelessly compares some members of the alexandria city council to the rutgers basketball team.

not to be outdone he then goes on to point out that councilman myron lawson "is a successful business person who sits on the board of the largest black university system in the world." what councilman hobbs fails to point out is that just about everything councilman lawson is involved in has some sort of scandal attached. including the southern university board.

councilman hobbs points out that "louis marshall served his country in the military with distinction." councilman marshall might have served in the military however the evidence shows that he didnt learn anything in the military because if he did he would believe in and practice duty, honor and fidelity. we've shown that councilman marshall's own actions show him to be a liar and a scam.

next, councilman hobbs writes that "charles frederick has given his time and life to the service of this city." to which he has been greatly compensated for it too -- such as last year when councilman "charles frederick" used taxpayer money to pay for his fraternal organizations meeting here in alexandria. another scammer.

lastly, theres roosevelt "rosie" johnson. perhaps the greatest disappointment in this sad, sorry lot. councilman hobbs writes that councilman johnson "came within 17 votes of being elected this city's first black mayor." this isnt accurate either because councilman johnson came within 17 votes of getting into the runoff -- not being elected mayor. councilman johnson is the biggest disappointment because we thought that he, of all people, was the most honest and sincere of this crew. however, his recent actions shows that he is nothing but a puppet to and a proud member of this organized crime ring thats currently running the alexandria city council.

when criminals who just happen to be black play the race card when they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar it cheapens and makes it even harder for other black people to be taken seriously who are truly victims of racism.

alexandria doesnt have a racism problem, alexandria has a criminal problem. so everyone of color, dont be a sucker! reject these excuses and lies for just what they are.
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