30 July 2007

piyush 'inveils' his ethics plan

the dead pelican 'infroms' us, that, today is the long promised and long awaited day that the piyush scam will finally put aside its fast talking bullshit ways and tell us exactly, substantively, just what it plans to do once its sworn in as governor.

we're told to log onto piyush scam dot com (actually its www.bobbyjindal.com) and read piyush's life changing manifesto.

once we get there we're lead to a six page .pdf file here. theres a whole world of information you can get onto a six page .pdf file and this one is, as is usual, with the piyush scam, utterly lacking in substance.

page one -- this is a wasted page with its picture of piyush's smiling mug symbolically placed over the state capitol building.
page two -- half that page contains the obligatory "message from bobby jindal" with the usual jindal jabber and the other half of the page is more symbolism with its picture of the state capitol in the background with a for sale sign in the foreground.
page three -- is more waste of space with its silly graphs and charts.
page four and page five are where he lists the 'five pillars' of the piyush reform plan and then the four steps to implement them.

instead of trying to con us with this slick propaganda sheet -- why not instead draw up the house and senate bills that would be required (since step one is "Upon being sworn in, Bobby Jindal will call for a special session to pass comprehensive ethics reform") let us see exactly what you plan to introduce. how about showing us which specific laws need changing. which sentences and paragraphs need striking from the law and what needs adding?.
guess thats too much to ask.

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