25 July 2007

kalb acquiesces to the blogosphere reports joe bishop felony arrest

sometime on friday 20 july 2007, central la politics and us received an anonymous email tip regarding someone named "joe bishop" who's name appeared on a rapides parish clerk of court report and we posted the screen grab here. central la politics speculated about who this joe bishop was here.

then we played the waiting game to see if anything was reported about it in the local news media. the weekend came and went and nothing which wasnt unusual since everything is closed. then monday came and went and still nothing. in the meantime, a commenter on central la politics blog named "sam" confirmed that this joe bishop was indeed the city of pineville, la. councilman and current candidate for rapides parish police jury, joe bishop.

so by tuesday when neither the town talk or kalb had reported on the story we started to sense a media coverup and wrote a very um terse post about it here. central la politics blog did as well here.

now, kalb can play it off like they did when they reiterated several times that they received all these emails and calls which motivated them to move this story and they probably did, we're not saying that they didnt.

but we know something else too and what that is, is that that kalb was on our blog yesterday for over an hour reading our posts about this then unreported story:

we're not posting this to blow our own horn so to speak, or to make kalb look bad or anything like that. we dont blog for a media mention and attention or for a credit. in fact leave our name out of it. we are merely posting this to show people the power and influence of the blogosphere and to encourage more people from around central louisiana (and everywhere else too) to start blogging. start writing about the things that matter to you, whatever it may be: politics, flower gardening, etc.

anyway, without further adieu heres kalb's 25 july 2007 6:00 pm broadcast of this story first broken...on the blogosphere:

be sure and follow the link to kalb's website where they have posted a lot of the court records and information for you to access. alternatively, click here to go to the kalb.com printer friendly version.

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