26 July 2007

gubernatorial candidate t lee horne iii calls for ending asset forfeiture for non-payment of property tax

DATE: July 22, 2007
FROM: T. Lee Horne, III for Governor Campaign
PHONE: (888)823-0318

SUBJECT: Ending Asset Forfeiture for Non-Payment of Property Tax

This weekend Libertarian Candidate for Governor T. Lee Horne, III met with supporters and issued the following position in support of the homeowners of this state. “No homestead shall be seized or sold for non-payment of property taxes. Any such delinquent taxes, duly assessed according to law, shall constitute a single primary lien upon the title to the property, above all other liens without regard to their nature, age, or amount.

No homeowner shall be evicted from their own home, which they own without mortgage or other encumbrance for non-payment of any property taxes. It shall be unlawful to refuse insurance coverage on a homestead whose title is clouded by such a lien. Any such lien, shall be settled and cleared in full upon any transfer of the ownership of the property.”

Horne told supporters, “If elected governor I will work to institute this long overdue and needed reform for the property owners in the state of Louisiana. Horne added, “I find that while it was noble of someone to settle the case out of court for Kermit and Delores Atwood, a Slidell couple who recently faced a court battle over their home for a $1.63 tax bill, the Jamie Land Co., regardless of their efforts and expenses associated with the property, are not entitled to a settlement in any way from the couple.”

According to Horne there was no equitable position to address with the Atwoods at all. He said, “The sale was declared invalid by virtue of the assessor mailing the tax bill to a non-existent address.” He continued, “Jamie Land Co. bought property from another company who purchased it at the invalid sale. This original purchaser, American Land Investments, or the Sheriff's office, or the assessor's office is who may possibly be held to settle with Jamie Land Co., not the homeowners.”

He continued, “I feel that the Sheriff's office should have made a more diligent inquiry as to why the taxes were not paid when they were informed of the amount of the bill. The assessor's office as well, bears responsibility in not clearing up this matter.”

Horne told supporters, “While duly assessed taxes should be paid, no homeowner should be forced from their home or prevented from obtaining insurance for not paying their property taxes. This reform is long overdue in Louisiana.”
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