16 July 2007

rev grant storms confirms your right hand thief blog post!

moments ago, on the jeff crouere radio program a caller "james from metairie" asked new orleans area reverend grant storms if the rumor seen on "a blog" was true. regarding the "rumor" your right hand thief in its post (see link) of sunday 15 july 2007, writes in part:

"David Vitter met with a number of Christian Conservative ministers/pastors in Baton Rouge in the weeks/months prior to the November 2004 general election in which he was elected to the Senate....Vitter denied the allegations and assured these Christian ministers there were "no skeletons in my closet."
reverend storms said that is indeed true that david viter lied to so called conservative christian ministers

we recorded the audio from wgso's internet stream and for some reason, despite the stream sounding clear while we were listening/recording, it came out extremely jumbled.
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