31 July 2007

shady myron lawson the unrepentant schemer

alexandria, la. city councilman myron lawson

one thing that kinda caught us by surprise in tonights city council meeting was an ordinance offered by councilman lawson:
"authorizing the city counsel to enter into a professional services contract with john w. scott and a professional services contract with toni martin to provide legal services to the counsel and services to the city of alexandria related to the alexandria home rule charter; the louisiana open meetings law; the legal affairs of the city of alexandria and to matters before the city counsel. to litigation and/or investigations related to or involving the city of alexandria. to the cleco lawsuit and its settlement and other matters including compliance with local, state and federal law, courts and fact finding gatherings on legal matters pertinent to the city counsel, its responsibilities and deliberations and general legal services."
seconded by councilman charles frederick smith.

excuse us but didnt we just go through this last month and it was shot down. oh wait, last month the city council wanted to set aside something like $150,000 [109,813 eur]and hire outright their own attorney/auditor. now as a way around that, they are coming up with this professional services contract scam.

the john w. scott is "jock" scott a local lawyer and republican party operative -- that should tell you something funny is up, when a black democratic politician wants to hire a white republican party apparatchik for "advice." toni martin must be referring to toni rachelle martin who according to the alexandria daily town talk's 25 july 2007 online edition at rapides parish civil lawsuits: july 24, 2007, is being sued by credit bureau services.

the alexandria city charter already provides an attorney to the city council - the alexandria city attorney. whats going on is that certain members of the city counsel, namely the bridgett brown 5, dont like the advice the city attorney is giving them, so like a doctor shopping drug addict they are going to hire a couple who will.

central la politics has more (see link) about this development and the vid clip.