12 July 2007

local blogger visits kansas disaster area

**updated** earlier tonight central la politic's blog spoke to spanky by telephone for a few minutes and got his thoughts on what he experienced in kansas. click here to go to central la politics blog and listen to the interview.

you might remember back on 04 may 2007 a reported ef5 tornado destroyed 95% of greensburg, kansas. local blogger spanky was recently there helping with reconstruction and has posted some pictures of and commentary on the destruction.
I have since returned to Alexandria and I know it has been a while since the last post but I had been working 16 hour days to build a temporary town for the folks of Greensburg, Kansas. It felt good to be back in the operator's seat of dozers, trackhoes, and loaders to shape the earth to make a place for the people that were wiped out by the tornado earlier this year. Yes, the destruction was total...
click the link to read more and view the photos.
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