25 July 2007

walter boasso's skeleton closet

via ~cringe~ rapides parish republican womens club blog

a mr. harold jean franquez recounts a 29 march 1999 traffic accident and how his van was struck from behind by an eighteen wheeler owned by louisiana state senator and gubernatorial candidate walter boasso and how mr. boasso through his attorney's tried every trick in the book to get out of any and all claims. a shocking (but not really surprising) story of corporate and lawyer treachery perpetrated on an innocent victim. it would be interesting to see if any other similar situated individuals come forward.

**updated** 01 october 2007 central la politics blog has found out:
But the fact that the commercial left out is that the case hasn't settled yet due to Boasso's insurance company filing bankruptcy and that is still being fought out in court.
see post at centrallapolitics.blogspot.com here
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