03 July 2007

two minutes that changed alexandria

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alexandria, la. city council public works / zoning committee

city council meeting video clip
**updated** at tonights city council meeting councilman fowler's resolution was brought up and city council president everett hobbs offered a substitute motion "that all council meetings starting today and in the future be aired on the access channel for a minimum of two weeks time at the following council meeting." seconded by councilman myron lawson.

councilman fowler asked "here in other words you're going to amend it not to show the june 12th meeting?" councilman hobbs replied that he was amending it to start today and councilman fowler cut in: "nah, i'am asking you if you're amending it specifically not show the june 12th meeting?" councilman hobbs replied "i'am amending it to start today and into the future."

a voice vote was then taken and councilman fowler asked for a roll call vote the yeas were myron lawson, everett hobbs, louis marshall and roosevelt johnson. voting no were harry silver and chuck fowler.

and there ya have it alexandria. if this doesnt prove to you that you have a majority of criminals running your city nothing will. the only question is what are you going to do about it?

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city of alexandria, la. public works / zoning committee meeting 03 july 2007

at today's public works / zoning committee meeting councilman chuck fowler introduced a resolution:
"declaring the special council meeting shall be broadcast for a period of two weeks on the government access channel immediately following the broadcast of regular council meetings in the future and to rebroadcast or broadcast the previous special meetings."
councilman harry silver seconded the motion and called for discussion. the resolution was met with strong resistance from the usual suspects.

in the meantime, the resolution is supposed to be brought up in tonights city council meeting. attend the city council meeting or watch channel four for more...
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