11 July 2007

news from the smoking gun

the smoking gun is an awesome website that we've been following for years. did you know they have a local guy, with a sex repression lawsuit on there?
While we doubt his case will last long in the federal system, in case he ever does make it to the stand, he'll probably be asked to recall the details of his 1996 arrest for stalking a woman in Rapides Parish. According to court records...here.

News From The Smoking Gun
In an expensive promotional move, the Polaroid Corporation has rented an oceanfront estate in Malibu that has become a magnet for tabloid staples like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. And, as it turns out, a murderous Mafia figure who snitched out his criminal cohorts and was recently sprung from a federal prison. Probably not what Polaroid's marketing geniuses had in mind

Since arrestees rarely have the chance to plan their wardrobe in advance of a mug shot session, some perps are snapped wearing t-shirts with one of those dopey slogans. For 10 examples, head here

Jazz singer Diana Krall (a/k/a Mrs. Elvis Costello) is currently touring the U.S., which is bad news for backstage gofers confronted with the intimidating "Diana Krall Wine List (North America)." Details here

Speaking of tour requirements, someone's gotta tell this Mandy Moore that if she doesn't become more demanding, fans are going to think she's a regular, down-to-earth person. Story here

What did the woman say before flashing the cop? Answer that simple question and you might win some fine loot, including a nifty SanDisk mp3 player. Enter our prize contest here


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