23 July 2007

new city of pineville public records request

wst... has learned of a new public records request recently propounded upon the city of pineville, la. those of you following the ongoing pineville public records email scandal and scam, might recall how pineville city attorney jimmy "the wizard" faircloth complying with the order of ninth judicial district court judge f. rae swent, wrote local attorney and blogger gregory aymond, that pineville had separated the various requested email public documents of pineville, chief of staff rich dupree. these emails are public documents that mr. aymond had requested and which pineville turned around and sued him over, we believe the lawsuit is a contrivance, meant to help keep the emails hidden from public view. judge swent's order and the entire lawsuit is on appeal.

meanwhile, since the emails have already been separated and are just sitting there, mr. hester wishes to come in and personally view the emails. stay tuned....
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