27 July 2007

did ksyl's dave graichen let the cat out of the bag?

.mp3 here
interesting excerpt from the wednesday 25 july 2007 ksyl talk back live program.

dave graichen and bob madison was discussing the road home program and the recent nbc news report about former fema director and road home scammer james lee witt. bob madison said that it was an eight month long investigation and that the state of louisiana is in contract negotiations to renew the contract with james lee witt when dave graichen cut in and said "if we do we really need to clean house..." bob madison said "what do you want to bet that its signed before october 20th" dave graichen said "absolutely amazing! that was an incredible expose that nbc did on that show i thought they did a really nice job on that. you know its sort of sad thats probably just about the only investigative reporting that is being done nowadays is by the big networks like that i guess they are the only ones who can afford it nowadays...thats about it, theres very little deep investigative reporting going on in this state anymore and i know that a lot of the, especially the newspapers and in radio its the same way too, i havent felt it too much here but i have in the past, in other places, feeling pressure from management having to do with going after anybody who happens to be an advertiser on the radio station, you know? it echo's also for the newspapers too, you know? you dont want to go after somebody, you dont want to bite the hand that feeds you, you know?...i think its an unfortunate situation"

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